22 Green Nail Designs That Might Convince You to Relinquish Reds This Season

Kaitlyn McLintock

When we think of holiday nail designs, we think of red and gold nail polish. Those shades are the most traditional, the most classic, and for good reason, too; they're timeless and elegant. This year, though, we're in the mood to switch things up a little bit. More specifically, we're interested in holiday manicures that incorporate the one other most popular colour of the season: green. Because whether it's mint, emerald, or olive, a green manicure feels just as festive as traditional red, yet a little fresher and a little more unexpected. That's why, to us, green is 2018's trendiest holiday nail colour. Keep scrolling to see our 22 favourite designs from Instagram. These are sure to inspire a salon visit. 

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