So Greece Has Low-Key Amazing Drugstore Beauty Products

Victoria Hoff

Suffice to say that we've discussed French drugstore beauty ad nauseam, but it looks as though Monoprix might have a new rival. After hearing whispers that Greece secretly has quite the array of killer beauty products, we naturally had to investigate. We had no idea that we'd ultimately find an entirely new skincare (and hair!) wardrobe in the process.

Not only do Greek products often revolve around that sunny Mediterranean climate (not too dissimilar from ours), but some of the most popular brands are often largely natural to boot. Think a lot of olive oil, avocado, and herbs like rosemary and sage. The result is very clean formulas that are ultra nourishing to skin and hair.

For that product and more, keep scrolling. Here's a spoiler alert: You'll want one of everything.

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