The Makeup Staple Grace Coddington Kept For 35 Years

Adrianna Barrionuevo

Grace Coddington, legendary Vogue Creative Director-at-Large recently entered the beauty world with the launch of her fragrance, Grace by Grace Coddington. [Ed's note: The scent will be available via Mecca later this year.] The former model is pretty much the coolest woman in fashion and recently gave a tell-all interview about her beauty routine to Into the Gloss

She talks about her indestructible fiery red hair, "You can't destroy it, it doesn't matter how much you put colour on it, however many years... And I've done everything to it" and how she basically started the makeup look Twiggy is famous for. "The things we did were all those little painted spikes around the eyes... 'Twiglets,' whatever they're called, that Twiggy did. But we did them first because we came before her," she explains. But the biggest takeaway for us was the shocking fact that the Brit once owned a mascara for 35 years—seriously. While most of us know that a the makeup staple should be replaced every three to six months, Grace admits, "I think I had one mascara that lasted me 35 years, and I preferred it in the end because it dried up!" Keep scrolling to check out some of our latest favourite mascaras to try out next time you need a replacement.

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