The Unusual Brow Trend That's Totally Growing on Us

Amy Lawrenson

 Taylor Hill/Contributor

Gold brows are the next big thing. I know what you're thinking: Why would I want to dye my brows gold? But this brow trend is less about changing your brow colour and more about adding a hint of glamorous lustre.

We can trace it back to the 2016 Met Gala, when makeup artist Pati Dubroff dusted Margot Robbie's brows with gold shimmer. Ever since, it has been trickling through on Instagram feeds. In fact, we shared a picture of metallic brows on the Instagram account last month, and our followers (if you’re not following us, give it a go!) were definitely enamoured with the look.

Need more proof that this trend is set to blow up? Last week we went to the Guerlain holiday launch, and for its seasonal collection, it is releasing a gold topcoat for lashes, brows and hair. Can’t wait until then to give this trend a try? The key to getting it right is to have a light (rather than Midas) touch.


Metallic brows, would you? ???? Photo: @sephoracollection

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