Glossier Just Teased Its Debut Fragrance

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Glossier recently revealed the next product its preparing to launch: a fragrance called Glossier You. This was met with enthusiasm from its loyal fan base, who likes the brand's emphasis on anything modern and inclusive. This announcement came on the heels of Glossier's shower gel and moisturiser launch, the Body Hero Duo, proving that it has a lot in the works over at Glossier HQ. 

Even though the product hasn't officially launched yet, Glossier is giving out free samples with every single order that's placed through its website. Of course, Glossier doesn't ship to Australia yet, but we'll be here with bated breath, eagerly anticipating the day we can finally buy Bow Brow without a plane ticket. 

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Glossier posted this image on Instagram, captioning it "We're proud to announce that our debut fragrance, Glossier You, launches soon. Every order through will receive a sample beginning TODAY." Not for us Aussies of course, but still. The photo shows a small Glossier eau de parfum spritzer housed in the brand's namesake plastic bag packaging. 

In conversation with Vogue, the brand's CEO Emily Weiss described the fragrance as equal parts fresh, floral, and musky. "I want it to smell like your boyfriend's neck after he has been wearing cologne for eight hours," she said. In other words, we expect it will be a subtle and androgynous scent that you and your significant other can wear.

We're still not sure when the official launch date is since the brand has been vague about when we can expect to see it IRL. However, it did say "soon"  on Instagram post, so hopefully that means within the month. Either way, we can't wait. 

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