Here's Why This Photo of Gigi Hadid Is Inspiring Controversy and Debate

Kaitlyn McLintock
UMV/Star Max/Contributor/Getty

Whether she's walking the Victoria's Secret runway, attending shows at fashion week, or smiling at cameras at an A-list event, social media photos of Gigi Hadid usually inspire a lot of beauty inspiration. That's probably why her namesake makeup collection with Maybelline was such a hit (after all, her California-girl hair and nude lip look are famous).

However, According to Vogue, Gigi Hadid's latest project, which was just unveiled on Instagram today, is inspiring some controversy and debate. It's a video for Love magazine's annual Advent calendar, in which buzzy celebs are featured doing a whole host of activities. For Hadid, it was a mixture of kickboxing and shadowboxing. In the video, she's wearing a red sports bra and cropped leggings as she punches, kicks, and stretches her way to the beat of the music. But it's not her outfit that has people talking. It's her underarms, which appear to be unshaven—something that's definitely outside the norm for a supermodel. Keep scrolling to see the video for yourself.

Head over to Vogue to see the full article. Then, read more about female body hair and one woman's personal journey toward acceptance.

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