The $8 Scrub Gigi Hadid Swears By for Off-Duty Skin

Victoria Hoff


Baring it all is certainly the overarching theme of Gigi Hadid's new Allure cover story—the most obvious aspect of which is the supermodel's nearly-nude photoshoot. But it also extends to Hadid's beauty routine, which she maintains is incredibly minimal on days when she isn't sitting in the makeup chair. Case in point: Her go-to off-duty skincare product isn't a fancy serum or cream, but a drugstore scrub most of us have probably used at some point in our lives. Oh, and it's $8.

After copping to skipping makeup when she's not working (save for some nude lipstick, if anything), Hadid admits to swearing by St. Ives Apricot Scrub ($8)—an old standby that probably took up residence on your vanity when you were a teen, if you don't use it now. "It's been around because it's the best," she maintains. Given her ridiculously dewy complexion, we're not here to argue.

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