J.Law's Esthetician Shares Her Entire Skincare Regimen—and It's Extensive

Faith Xue

We're all about sharing beauty secrets here at Byrdie, which is probably why we're always happy to dissect our favourite celebrities' beauty routines in such great detail. Where else would we find the under-the-radar eye cream Adriana Lima swears by to hide dark circles or the eye shadow palette Shay Mitchell says is her holy grail? One thing we've noticed after all these interviews is that it's usually rare for celebs' favourite products to overlap, but there is one thing they always have in common: a damn good facialist.

Enter Georgia Louise, who not only happens to be a common denominator between Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams, and most of the Victoria's Secret Angels but also has some pretty enviable skin herself. (That's putting it modestly—her skin glows supernaturally, even when we saw her in the dead of winter.) Thus, we took it upon ourselves to ask her to spell out her entire skincare regimen from start to finish. Suffice to say, there's nothing minimal about her routine—and with access to the best products and devices on the market, why would it be? Speaking of which, we're ordering a GloPulse as we speak.

Keep scrolling to find out Georgia Louise's skincare regimen!

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