This Kiwi-Born Victoria’s Secret Model Shares Her #1 Red Lipstick

Amanda Stavropoulos

It’s been quite a week for Kiwi-born Georgia Fowler. Aside from landing a coveted spot in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, TOMBOY Beauty released a brand new editorial featuring the New York-based model (just another one to add to her ever-growing list).

TOMBOY Beauty has a regular feature outlining the routines of some of the most stylish women on the planet—some of our favourites so far include Russh's fashion and beauty director Billie Iveson and P.E Nation's Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning. As beauty nerds, we love to find out how other women prep their skin and their favourite products. (The day we found out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s entire daily makeup routine was particularly life-changing).

In TOMBOY Beauty’s interview, Fowler reveals her morning beauty routine (which isn't too dissimilar from Gwyneth Paltrow's), what she does when she’s feeling tired, and her favourite red lipstick. Keep scrolling!

Opening image: Tom Newton for Into The Gloss

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