5 DIY Tricks for Fuller Lashes

Dacy Knight


We all long for longer, fuller, look-at-me eyelashes. While the desired effect can be achieved with multiple swipes of the right mascara, applying false lashes, or paying for pricey eyelash extensions, we dream of the day when we can wake bright-eyed with a thick set of eyelashes that require little primping.

Luckily, there are some DIY remedies to get the full lashes you desire without having to reach for the glue and the falsies. We've rounded up our favourites for you to try today. Follow the habits of women with great eyelashes to ensure you and your lashes are starting out on the right foot, and then incorporate these at-home strategies into your daily beauty routine. With time, you'll achieve those healthy, luscious lashes we all lust after (and to satisfy your lash-cravings in the meantime, we've included one fun hack for instant results).

Read on to study up on four tips and one trick for achieving fuller lashes today and beyond.

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