I Lived Like a French Girl for 7 Days, and It Changed My Skin

Hallie Gould

For my first trip back to Paris in six long years, I planned every detail ahead of time. Believe me, "type A" doesn't even begin to characterise the lists I made and pre-planned outfits I brought.

Just kidding.

I flew to Paris a month ago with absolutely zero plans. I didn't have a place to stay until the day before, I packed in a panicked frenzy (don't even ask how many bags I checked) and arrived at Charles de Gaulle without a single skincare product to my name. I'll wing it, I thought to myself, fantasizing about the French pharmacies on every corner and the natural glow of muses like Jeanne Damas, Louise Follain, and Lou Doillon.

I arrived at my Airbnb in the Marais and muscled my bags up the tiny staircase to my (adorable) apartment. I breathed a sigh of relief when I opened up the door to find a quintessentially Parisian setup, complete with a balcony and huge white windows. I made it, I said out loud, to no one, and poured myself a glass of wine. Within minutes, I was in full planning mode. What I lacked in strategy leading up to my trip I made up for in determination at that very moment. I searched for quotes about the most ubiquitous French drugstore products—the ones all Parisian models and celebrities tout as necessities—and made a list in my phone. I poured myself another glass of wine, vowing to hit the pavement after a few more sips.

Eight hours later, I woke up (jet-lagged) and stepped out for a croissant and noisette, ready to take on the day and purchase a few life-changing products. My disposition was as sunny as the weather—I was in Paris, after all—as I strolled down the street toward the nearest pharmacy. But the need to wash my face was real.

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