How a French Model Gets Ready for the Ultimate Night Out

Victoria Hoff

Not all of us can say that we spent our Monday afternoons prepping for the fashion industry's biggest event of the year; that distinction is, of course, reserved for the elite of the elite. So you better believe that for those lucky enough to snag an invite, experiencing the Met Gala for the first time (and second, and third) is nothing less than thrilling—something to which model Sonia Ben Ammar can certainly attest.

Fortunately for us, Ben Ammar was kind enough to give us a peek behind-the-scenes, from how much time and effort really goes into such an evening to her pointers for taking a killer Instagram, no matter if you're wearing an haute couture gown or your most well-loved Levi's. Keep scrolling to find out how the model's look came together, the foundation she swears by for dewy, flawless skin, and the one product she takes everywhere.

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