4 Popular Makeup Products French Girls Would Never Use

Kaitlyn McLintock

As beauty editors, we often have a habit of treating hair, makeup, and skincare like a science. We test new products with the clinical detachment of a learned researcher. We classify ingredients like a biologist classifies animals by species and genus. The product's packaging is our beaker, and brushes, beauty sponges, and mixing spatulas are our experimental tools. To us, our bathroom vanity is more than it appears to be. It's a laboratory where we do our analysis and decide whether or not a specific product delivers real results. 

While this is an important approach to beauty, it's also equally as important to appreciate the opposite, more artistic perspective. The word beauty, itself, hints at its expressive and ephemeral nature. Instead of judging something solely by its ingredients or its purported benefits, we need to consider how it makes us feel. To us, this is the reason why the world's continuing enchantment of French beauty has endured for so many decades. Simply put, the French tend to choose only the beauty products that make them feel more like themselves.

It's this unabashed display of natural beauty and confidence that leaves the rest of us wondering how they do what they do, attempting—in vain—to peg it on a certain product or routine, when really it's about an attitude. Keep scrolling to learn more about French beauty from real French women and makeup artists, including the four products French girls would never use (and what they'd use instead). 

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