Top French Hairstylists Think These Hair Trends Are So Over

Hallie Gould


Year after year, trends come and go, leaving us with hilarious photographs and a lot of what-was-I-thinking retrospection. For me, examples of this include an overdose of '80s pink blush (which is back, by the way), disastrous eyeliner, and rainbow hair dye. That being said, I'd argue trends these days are less a rule and more an experimentation of inspiration and individuality. No one can tell you what to wear, how to wear it, or that your favourite look is "out." Because if you love it, it's "in" until you decide otherwise.

And while we are, admittedly, suckers for modern-day ingénues like Louise Follain and Jeanne Damas—and their looks that can best be described as last night's eyeliner turned today's smudged eye paired with lived-in hair—we're aware that they don't span the entirety of French representation. For a bit of an update on what we've believed to be "French-girl hair" for the past few years, I reached out to two well-known French stylists, hoping that by the end of it all I'd be well on my way to achieving that je ne sais quoi. They schooled me on a few trends that, in their opinions, aren't sticking around in France come summer.

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