9 French-Girl Approved Ways to Wear Your Hair in 2017

Lisa Patulny

We may have rung in 2017 by waving goodbye to a few tired hairstyles (for instance, no one is getting this old-school cut anymore), but we're still majorly obsessed with French girl hair. There's something about the carefree French approach to beauty that echoes our own low-key Australian point of view, which makes us feel as if this infatuation will never wane. From the things French women never do to their strands to their can't-live-without styling products, if there's a Parisian hair tip to be learned, we'll be there, notebook in hand. (And a can of Klorane Dry Shampoo, $15, in the other.)

All this to say, we were thrilled to discover that Franck Provost Paris, the global expert on French colour and styling, had rounded up 9 hairstyles every cool girl is wearing in Paris right now. Ahead, you'll find street style snaps of French-girl approved ways to wear your own hair. Spoiler: They're all about movement, and every last one is easy to recreate. From a tousled lob and bohemian side braid to a simple wavy ponytail, this is all the French girl hairspo you need.

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