Every Amazing French Model's Fringe on Instagram Right Now

Lisa Patulny

Fact: Team Byrdie is never not striving towards French beauty goals. French-girl hair in particular (bendy, textured, cool) is top of mind for every last editor. (You should see our Pinterest board—obsession might not cover it.) There's a special place in each of our hearts for the tousled, curtain-esque fringes sported by Lou Doillon, Camille Rowe and Constance Jablonski et al. Is it just us or do these hairstyles capture the stereotypical essence of Parisian beauty (= effortlessness) in a major way? There's no denying French models know how to do "bangs" without coming off try-hard. If you look closely, you'll see that these fringes have one thing in common—imperfection. No matter the type of cut you long for (curtain, blunt, side-swept), an element of grunginess will keep things looking cool. If you too dream of breezy bangs, click through the gallery below for the best French model fringes on Instagram right now.

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