A French Beauty Expert Reveals Her DIY Mojito Hair Mask Recipe

Lisa Patulny

B: Are there any other French beauty products you can’t live without?

SC: I love Leonor Greyl’s conditioner ($36); I am miserable without it. It makes my hair look so healthy, shiny and happy. Magnesium tablets are sold at all French pharmacies; they allow me to relax before bedtime and not lose my marbles! And sunscreen—I love Esthederm on my body for sun time.

B: Which French beauty rituals you hold onto in New York?

SC: My mother always made a hair mask from an egg yolk, olive oil, and rum. (The rum makes it penetrate your hair.) I leave it on for a good half hour at least, and do it at least once a month. It gets you in the mood for a mojito. It can turn into a very nice party!

B: Are there any French beauty tips you have stuck with all your life?

SC: You should never look too made up and you should always have beautiful healthy skin as your base. This idea is what has led me to create makeup companies based on foundation. When I founded Prescriptives, my priority was to make foundation that matched skin perfectly. This took me to labs in Asia to ensure I was making makeup with the finest, most imperceptible molecules and pigments. Additionally, in Europe we choose between a bold eye or a bold lip—never both. 

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