Confirmed: French Girls Hate the Foundation You Love

Hallie Gould

At Byrdie HQ, it's our MO to celebrate beauty from every corner of the world. The beauty customs of different cultures are so unique and steeped in history, and by learning about them, we're able to expand our own perspectives (not to mention pick up a life-changing new tip or two). That's why we're proclaiming this week Global Beauty Week and paying special homage to women far and wide, from Thailand to Russia and beyond. Each day, we'll honour the beauty practices, trends, and traditions of our sisters around the globe—complex, intriguing, and versatile as they are. Enjoy!

After seven long years, I finally made it back to Paris. I lived there for six months in 2010 and naturally fell wistfully in love. I rode around on the back of a Vespa, drank wine with lunch, and consumed more bread and cheese than I ever thought possible. What I didn't explore, however, were the French beauty products. I brought my favourites with me from home, and because of the length of my stay, never needed to repurchase anything. At the time, I didn't quite understand the allure that was the French pharmacy. (I was just 20 years old, after all.)

Now that I was planning a trip back—for Paris Fashion Week, no less—it was my mission to explore all things French beauty. I interviewed pros in the industry and a few French friends to get a real feel for the trends and hero products in the city I, if only for a moment, called home. After all of it, I realised what I covet as an American is vastly different from Parisians. Keep reading to find out which products didn't make the cut.

Next, peep how French women stay slim without even trying.

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