We Asked a Francophile How French Women Approach Ageing Gracefully

Emily Algar

This certainly isn't the first time we've sang praise to French-girl beauty, but can you really blame us? From the nude skin to the undone textured hair, it's just so good. Because a spontaneous trip to Paris isn't really feasible this early in the work year, we instead turned to author and self-confessed Fancophile Katrina Lawrence to fill us in on a few French beauty insider secrets. Lawrence has been travelling to Paris since she was five, and in the spare time she has from her gig as a beauty editor, pours over French history and literature without abandon. The next natural progression was to put all of her thoughts and musings in one place, thus, her book Paris Dreaming was born. 

Hungry for all things French, we quizzed Lawrence on everything from low-key Parisian hair, to just how French women seemingly resist ageing. For the answers, and so many other amazing insider thoughts, keep scrolling. 

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