7 Frankincense Oil Benefits That'll Make You Wonder Why You Haven't Used It Yet

Dacy Knight

Urban Outfitters

With the upswing in wellness trends, essential oils have become a mainstay for those practicing more holistic approaches to health. One old school healing oil has become particularly buzzy—but chances are it's not yet in your arsenal. Frankincense, also known as olibanum, is harvested from the resin of Boswellia trees that commonly grow in Somalia. Frankincense oil has been used for thousands of years for its health-boosting properties and has been an essential component in Ayurvedic medicine. Frankincense oil benefits span from alleviating pain and healing wounds to balancing hormones, and purifying the air. A little bit of frankincense oil can go a long way, and even if you're not using it for one of these medicinal treatments, you'll benefit from its unique balsamic-spicy fragrance.

Head below to discover seven frankincense oil benefits that will make you wonder why you haven't used it yet.

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