It's Simple: Eat These Foods, Avoid Belly Bloat

Katharine McEntee

Issy Crocker

We’ve all experienced belly bloat in one way or another. And, while sodium and hard-to-digest foods are most likely the culprits for our protruding tummies, it’s difficult not to eat said foods when they taste so yummy. Since we don’t plan on giving up take-out Thai food or late night pizza anytime soon, we reached out to Alissa Rumsey MS, RD, CSCS, of Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness to learn how to get rid of belly bloat with the help of anti-bloating foods.

Reducing belly bloat can be a bit tricky. While Rumsey cautions against eating salt, drinking carbonated beverages, and indulging in alcohol, as all of the above can cause bloating. She is quick to offer natural remedies to reduce it, some of which include eating smaller portions to prevent an overly “full” feeling, avoiding straws to reduce digestive upset, and last but not least, eating foods that have been proven to reduce belly bloat. For the science-backed foods that decrease bloating, keep on reading.

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