I Kept a Food Diary to Try to Eat Like Less of a Garbage Human

Lindsey Metrus

Daiya Food Blog

I had high hopes for this food diary. For one, knowing that I'd be sharing every single thing that goes into my pie hole with the internet seemed like enough to slap a French fry out of my own hand and replace it with a carrot. I'm not a masochist—I've just noticed a marked difference in my body since blowing out my 26th birthday candles and haven't been happy in my own skin, so I wanted to see if recording my every meal would provide insight as to what I need to change in order to feel more confident. In short, seeing it all written down was… alarming.

I considered myself to be a fairly healthy eater (a salad here, some salmon there), but once I got in the thick of recording my meals, I found myself cringing at my own food choices. Even after I'd binged on some Ben & Jerry's and promised myself that I'd do better, I didn't—I was living Kaia Gerber's 15-year-old YOLO diet mantra at 26, and it was quite literally weighing me down. Take a look for yourself below to see what I mean.

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