5 Exercises You Can Do Instead of Burpees

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There aren’t many exercises in our workout that we love to do, but burpees are the ones we definitely love to hate.

While it’s quite the killer for our muscles, it can sometimes be the killer of our motivation and because it takes a lot of the latter to get to the gym, you don’t want to give yourself any excuse to quit.

Here, we’ve gathered our favourite alternatives to the dreaded burpee that are still as great for burning calories and working several muscles at the same time. Now, don’t think these are easy (many things rarely are when it comes to fitness) but you’ll find these just as effective and it’ll certainly give you a change of pace.

Squat Tuck Jump

Beginning with your legs hip-width apart and toes pointed slightly outwards for balance, take a deep squat then spring yourself upwards, trying to bring your knees to your chest. Once you’ve landed, squat again and repeat, leaving little time between reps.

Plank Push-Up Jumps

These guys will raise that heart rate in no time.

Start in a standard plank position, making sure your core is tight and begin a push-up, taking your chest to the ground. After you’ve brought yourself back up to the plank position, jump your feet towards your hands as you would in a burpee (but don’t worry, you don’t need to stand up!). Jump your legs back to plank and repeat.

Half Moon Jumps

Like a squat jump with a twist (literally), these exercises will work your core and arms more than a traditional squat jump as you attempt to power yourself into a twist.

Start with your feet hip width apart, begin a deep squat and from the bottom of your squatted position, spring upwards and rotate your body 180 degrees, taking your hands directly above your head as you go. You should be facing the opposite direction you started your jumps in. Once you land, dip into another deep squat immediately, then repeat the jump and twist to the original position. Then, go for as many reps as you can!

Speed Skater Lunges

Don’t be fooled by the look of ease about these, they’re guaranteed to make you sweat.

Start with your right leg in front of your left, as if you are preparing to do a deep lunge. At the bottom of your lunge, launch yourself into a deep lunge with your left leg in front. In short, you are essentially switching quickly from one deep lunge to another on alternating sides, without any breaks in between, at the fastest pace you can manage.

Side-to-side Pike Jumps

Start in a downward dog position with your feet together in line with your hips. The trick here is to maintain balance (perfect to work that core) while getting your heart rate up.

Jump your feet from the centre to the far right, keeping them together, then, to the far left, making sure to support your back with your core. Repeat until exhausted!

What are your favourite exercises to do in your workout? Tell us below for inspiration! 

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