A Fitness Expert Shares 3 Ways to Keep Calm and Carry On in 2016

Mary Peffer


As we enter another year and return to the workplace, all that Zen from being on vacation can drift away quickly. Which got us thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we could hold on to that peaceful state of mind year-round? On the hunt for an expert opinion, we tracked down Francesca Valarezo, a New York-based instructor at Strengthen Lengthen Tone, therapeutic yoga instructor, and yoga massage therapist, while she was on vacation in Cuba to find out what she recommends to her many students and, for herself. Relax, according to Francesca, achieving mental clarity is easier than we thought and something you can achieve in high-intensity workouts or a more zen practice.

Francesca says she's a big advocate of committing to yoga, meditation every day for fifteen minutes, or participating in cardio. She personally plans to spend more time focusing on all three in 2016. While cardio seems pretty straightforward because you can simply hit up your local gym or go running in the park, meditation and yoga practice can be more challenging to learn. We recently put together a list of five products to help with the practice of meditation at any level that may be helpful. For yoga, we love refrencing Katie Anderson’s book, Yoga: The Complete Guide: Yoga For Beginners, Asanas, Stress Relief And Healing ($4) in addition to finding a group class that fits with your schedule. Whatever your preferred method, let's all agree to hang onto the chillness that is winter vacation and start the new year off right. 

How to do you keep calm and carry on? Do you feel more relaxed after you work out or meditate? Let us know what works for you in the comments!

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