Gym Intimidation: It's a Real Thing, and Here's How to Deal

by Chelsea Miller

Chelsea Miller is a model, fitness junkie, and outspoken advocate for changing the way we talk about health and curvy bodies. She writes about working out, health, her skincare obsessions, and more on her blog, Watch Her Glow, and we’re thrilled to have her as a contributor for THE/THIRTY. This month, she tells us useful tips on how to get over gym anxiety and intimidation.

My fitness journey stared as a low monthly fee in the form of a local gym. But I was highly intimidated by the gym atmosphere and my perception of the people who went there. I managed to get through the hardest part….walking through the door. But my fear kept me from my full potential. For the first six to eight months, I only used machines that I knew exactly how to use and cardio equipment. I felt like everyone was constantly watching me, judging how well I used machines, how fast I ran, and how long I stayed on the treadmill. I was embarrassed, uncomfortable and lacking confidence.

Finally after getting used to the idea of being in the gym and finding ways to block out what I felt like were judgmental stares, I became comfortable with my routine: a little ab work and 40-60 minutes of cardio. It was at this point that I decided to use a personal trainer once a week for a month.

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