The Truth About Why People Have Fatphobia, According to Writer Roxane Gay

Amanda Montell

"If I weren't fat, I would be the president and director of NASA."

Last night, feminist writer Roxane Gay spoke these words to a crowd of admirers in Los Angeles. (She was only half-joking, but the starry-eyed audience laughed explosively nonetheless.) Gay, the writer of acclaimed must-read Bad Feminist, is currently on a book tour promoting her most recent publication, a memoir titled Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body. The 320-page read is an intimate and beautifully crafted account of Gay's personal relationship with her body—from the public objectification of it to her own personal struggles with weight and self-acceptance. It is her belief (and others agree) that fat bodies are so intolerated—so feared—in our culture that those who inhabit them must work exponentially harder to achieve the same success as a thin person. Hence Gay says she would certainly hold NASA's highest position if it weren't for society's perception of her frame. With the best-selling author's brilliance, she might be right.

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