10 NYE Makeup Looks You Can Do in Five-Minutes Flat

Lisa Patulny

It might seem a bit premature to start talking makeup looks for NYE when we haven’t even crossed Christmas yet, but trust us when we say: Start organising now. You’ll be glad you did; there’s nothing more gratifying that rolling into December 31st with a plan.

If that sounds a bit much, know this—preparing in advance doesn’t mean a twenty-step makeup application. Far from it; we’re all about embracing the warm weather (and accompanying laziness) and choosing a look that’s easy and breezy. Ahead you’ll find our favourite celebrity makeup looks that slayed on the red carpet (making them perfect for your own personal VIP event). The best bit? Each one can be created in just five minutes, so you won’t even need your own Glam Squad to get amongst.


Keep scrolling for 10 NYE makeup looks you can do in five-minutes flat.



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