The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This "Unicorn Tears" Makeup Primer

Amanda Montell

Farsali is the skincare brand you've seen slowly taking over the Instagram beauty scene. First, it released the decadent Rose Gold Elixir ($72)—read our full review—and then it surprised us with a glow-inducing new primer that the brand literally named Unicorn Tears.

Why the magical name? Well, multiple reasons: First off, the product itself looks like the pink sparkly serum you'd expect to see in the happy tears of an actual unicorn. But the formula is also otherworldly enough to have earned the name.

"Unicorn Tears is an oil-free solution that acts as a dual-purpose serum," the brand wrote in an Instagram post. In practice, the multitasking product is a primer for people who hate primer. It's free of sulfates, parabens, and oil and absorbs instantly into the skin. According to a review from Allure, "Unicorn Tears aren't greasy or chalky—and they don't pill, either." When the reporter massaged a few drops onto a freshly cleaned face, including her eyelids, she said her foundation and eye makeup applied more smoothly and stayed in place "far longer." But that's not all it did.

Fascinated? Keep scrolling for more details on this miraculous product!

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