A New "Jelly" Highlighter Is Coming, And It Looks Like It Was Made from 24k Gold

Kaitlyn McLintock

Farsali is the brand responsible for creating some our favourite Instagram-famous beauty products. Yes, we are in fact referring to the trendy Rose Gold Elixir ($72) and Unicorn Essence ($72), both of which seem to have a permanent residence in the makeup bags of almost every makeup blogger ever. It’s almost impossible to scroll through social media without seeing at least a mention of either product. (Be sure to read our full review of the former and an in-depth description of the latter). 

Now, they have a new product on the way. This one is more makeup-related than skincare, though it's just as buzzy (if not more so) than their previous formulas. That's because it's a "Jelly" highlighter. That's right. Instead of being a traditional liquid or cream formula, it applies like gel and dries down to a golden, reflected finish (that's almost kind of blinding to look at...but in a good way). Keep scrolling to see a sneak peek of the highlighter.

Is it just us, or is that glow so major that you almost have to squint? (Highlighter so bright we need a pair of shades). The official Farsali Instagram account captioned the video, "say hello to our newest member: JELLY BEAM. Some of you guessed right...it is indeed an illuminator! But not just any kind...it's NOT a liquid, cream or powder...it's JELLY!
It's unique Jelly consistency is due to the Farsali skincare DNA which will keep your skin hydrated and protected from free radical damage, while you beam at the same time!" They continued to say that it applies like a gel, but eventually sets into a powder, providing a unique "wet-satin" finish. 

This Jelly Beam highlighter is also vegan and cruelty-free, for all of us conscientious shoppers out there. Plus, it's also free from oil and talc. It can be used alone or mixed with foundation for a customised all-over glow. You can even apply it like a cream eyeshadow or add it to your body moisturiser to make your limbs as sun-kissed as your face. 

This shade is called "Glazed." Since it has a name, we're assuming different shades are set to be released in the future. We're told that you'll have to wait until November 1st until you can purchase it from Farsali's website, although we can't confirm if this is the same for us in Aus (that's the only catch). Watch this space, as we're sure it will be in Sephora stores before you know it. 

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