3 Moves, 3 Recipes: Your Super-Easy Slim-Down Plan

Tone It Up

Hi, Byrdie readers! It's Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up with your fall slim-down plan. The holidays can be a tricky time to stay healthy. There are so many sweet treats and get-togethers that keeping to a fit lifestyle can be challenging. Katrina and I both love the holidays, and we didn’t want to feel deprived this season. If you feel the same, then enter our #TIU31 Day Challenge Meal Plan!

We spent countless hours creating the tastiest holiday-inspired meals that make your taste buds want to do a happy dance while still reaching your fitness goals. We’re talking doughnut holes, muffins, mug cakes, stews, chilli, and so much more. You can join the meal plan by becoming a member of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. You’ll receive all past and future editions, too.

We’ve also paired our amazing meals with some booty-kickin’ workouts to amp up your results. We share a complete week's worth of exercises on ToneItUp.com each week that pair perfectly with your meal plan to help you achieve strong arms, a chiselled waistline, and a seriously toned tushy.

Check out some of our favourite meals and moves from our slim-down challenge below!

Tell us how you're getting fit this season in the comments below!

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