It's Here: Byrdie's Spring 2018 Hair Colour Guide

Erin Jahns

Spring, we have a thing for you. We love you for your clear, perfectly warm temperatures (a much-appreciated respite following the dog days of winter), the debut of new-season blooms, and, of course, the luscious shades of hair colour that flood our social media feeds.

Unsurprisingly, it’s been the season of blonde. From Katy Perry’s glowing platinum pixie to Allison Williams’s freshly flaxen strands, it’s no secret that the cool months of winter inspire bright highlights, ice-blond toners, and buttery balayage aplenty to offset our paler complexions. Pretty? Indubitably. Predictable? You betcha. Therefore, we look forward to the fresher hues of Spring with an almost unbearable air of enthusiasm. And since September is fast approaching, we’re already in hot pursuit. Here at Byrdie HQ, we like to be one step ahead and crave the trends months in advance so we can book our colour appointment and, of course, pass them on to our readers. (Because you guys are the best!)

After peppering high-profile colourists for their expert intel and inspiration this season, we have, shall we say, the definitive guide to spring hair colour. The predictions are in, and we’ll be the first ones to say that they’re good. From grey to ruby to onyx, all you have to do is decide which one you’ll try first.

Keep scrolling for our official spring 2017 hair colour guide.

Slate grey

Ruby red

Cool Onyx

Spiced Espresso

Alchemic Gold

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