Watch: "Face Yoga" Is the $0 Way to Look Years Younger

Katharine McEntee

On our search for a noninvasive facial treatment that firms and lifts sans needles, we came across a technique called "face yoga," which, according to the Face Yoga Method website, aims to "naturally tighten, tone, and brighten your face." And as if we weren't already sold on this nonintrusive, anti-ageing treatment, unlike Botox and expensive micro-current devices, it happens to be completely and totally free.

Just as it is important to exercise our bodies in order to keep them in tip-top shape, it is also important to exercise our faces. NYC skincare guru Ling Chan of Ling Skincare told Byrdie Australia, "Our facial muscles store a lot of tension" which can "cause wrinkles and fine lines." Through a series of face yoga poses, we are able to break up said tension, as the Face Yoga Method says facial exercise increases circulation throughout the face, ultimately resulting in "more radiant, youthful-looking skin."

For detailed instructions on how to firm your face through a series of yoga poses, watch our video tutorial below.

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