5 Face Masks for Acne That Clear Up Breakouts Instantly

by Byrdie

In case you didn't know, we really like masks. Sheet masks, sleep masks, DIY masks—love them all. But when we're breaking out, we're not always in the mood to whip up a pumpkin pie glow mask. We just want a solution that works fast (emphasis on “fast”). Luckily, there's a mask for that because we live in a world where there's a mask for like, everything.

It's beyond annoying to deal with an unexpected breakout, especially if it's before a big event—cue the freakout. This is very reason to keep your beauty cabinet stocked with face masks that have the power to diminish the appearance of pimples in minutes. It's amazing what a mask can do. Over at Byrdie, we've tried them all, from cult classics new launches. So you can trust that the below masks have what it takes to get the job done.

Keep reading for five seriously amazing face masks for acne that actually work.

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