You're Doing Your Face Masks All Wrong—Here’s Why

Deven Hopp

When you leave a facial your skin is glowing—problem pores addressed, dullness brightened, dryness soothed—glorious, really. Recreating that magic at home is often fruitless. But that’s because you’re approaching your face mask situation all wrong. If you typically open your drawer of skin-saving goodies, pick up two masks, and waffle between which one will get the pleasure of treating your pores, you’ve made one fateful mistake. “Because most people have a variety of different skin issues, they need to find the answers in more than one mask,” Sonya Dakar, skincare expert and founder of Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic, says. Doubling up on face masks: the idea is so simple, and yet a total game changer.

Keep reading to find out the best ways to layer your masks!

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