Watch: This Magical Sponge Claims to Remove Every Bit of Makeup With Just Water

Victoria Hoff


It's a battle of the wills every night: The ultra-motivated, skin-savvy part of me insists that I take the time to wash my face with loving care, while my inner lazy girl calculates how quickly I can remove my makeup and crash-land in bed, meticulousness be damned. My skincare priorities usually win out—but I'd be lying if I said that I don't wish for a shortcut on most nights.

So when I first learned about Face Halo, a microfibre sponge that claims to remove every last particle of makeup quickly and effectively (just add water!), I wondered if it was made specifically for me. I was also fairly sceptical. My waterproof mascara is practically bionic, and it usually takes a few rounds of cleansing oil to completely dissolve. Could this innocuous-looking sponge really do the job in mere seconds as it claimed? It felt like the stuff of 4 a.m. infomercials. (It's a Wonder Mop… for your face!)

But this time, that inner lazy girl finally got her say, and I tried it out—all for the Byrdie cameras, natch. And without spoiling anything too much, let's just say I was quite impressed. So was, for that matter, our filming crew: We started the day with a dozen Face Halo samples on hand, and when we wrapped, our supply had "mysteriously" dwindled to just one extra. (I know where you sit, guys.)

Watch it all go down in the video above—and shop the Face Halo ($29 for a pack of 3) to try it out for yourself.

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