Our Editors Voted: These Are the Best Eye Masks for Dark Circles

Erin Jahns

We all know the feeling of waking up to unsightly circles, bags, or creases beneath our sleep-deprived eyes. Fortunately, there are now masks designed to combat those pesky appearances. Specifically made to fit the curves and contours of our fragile under-eyes, eye masks have become one of our most prized possessions in our skincare lineup. And though we’ll always appreciate how spa-like a pair of freshly cut cucumbers look atop our eyelids, they’ve officially been replaced by the firming and hydrating likes of our favourite eye masks for dark circles. (Plus, they’re less likely to topple into our wine glasses.)

Infused with everything from collagen to 24-karat gold, eye masks are having a moment within the beauty industry—and slowly (but surely), we’ve become fond of the patches. They work in a pinch whenever we’ve neglected our weekly sleep and water quota, look great on our Instagram feed (have you checked out #ByrdieBedtime yet?), and also make the most fantastic of sleep accessories. However, as with most beauty and skincare products, some work better than others. Want to know which under-eye masks we love?

Keep reading for our editor-approved list of the five best eye masks for dark circles, puffiness, and dehydration.

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