Makeup Artists Share the Best Eye Makeup Tips for Ageing Skin

Lindsey Metrus

After a few decades of squinting, repeated facial expressions, general daily use of our eyes and eyelids, and, of course, genetics, once we hit our 40s, 30s, or in some cases our 20s, the delicate skin around the eyes starts to visibly mature. This translates to fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, and overall skin degradation.

Once lines start to set in and the eyelids droop, we essentially need to relearn how to apply eye makeup to accommodate these changes because, with improper application and products, makeup can actually act as a spotlight on skin maturation. So to learn how to perfectly apply our shadow, liner, and the like so that the finished product is the most flattering, we spoke with a few top makeup artists for their tips.

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