These Are the Best Brightening Eye Creams, Hands Down

Faith Xue

Fortunate is the woman who has never complained about her under-eyes—and as it turns out, such women are few and far between. Case in point: Eye issues are always the topic du jour at Byrdie HQ, whether we’re discussing off-the-wall remedies for getting rid of under-eye bags or swapping favourite eye creams for battling fine lines and dark circles. Speaking on the latter, we pooled our collective beauty prowess together to present to you a guide to the eye creams out there that keep you from resembling a panda (well, your eyes at least). We’ve tried and tested many, and few made the cut. Though we’re not touting these as miracle workers—sorry, one use won’t instantly get rid of your eye bags—they are certainly the best we’ve tried, and many of them currently grace our carefully curated bathroom counters. From super-luxe formulas to budget-friendly buys, keep scrolling for our favourite brightening eye creams!

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