5 Foundation Tips Makeup Artists Swear By

Victoria Hoff


By just looking at, say, red carpet photos, it's easy to assume that celebrities (and/or models) have perfect skin. In reality, what they have is access to great makeup artists who create perfect-looking skin. "They're like painters," Cate Blanchett told me in a recent interview. "They work makeup in with moisturizers and primers and really prime the canvas and massage it in so it’s living with the skin, not a layer on top of the skin." She said that of all her years spent in a makeup chair, this approach to foundation is her biggest takeaway.

And to her point, chances are the reason many of us struggle to achieve that really natural, seamless finish with foundation is that we're taking a one-pronged approach: applying one given product, and that's it. But the best foundation tips from the pros prove it's a multi-step, multi-product process: The actual colour is meant to be applied as a mix-in with other skincare products, and the application method itself—massaging and brushing the colour into the skin—is just as essential for a poreless finish.

So what exactly goes into this process? Keep reading to discover the best foundation tips we've picked up from makeup artists, as well as the products they love.

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