From Tsubaki Blossom to Kukui Nut, Get These Exotic Ingredients on Your Radar


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Travelling poses some problems for the beauty obsessed. We're often forced to pack far fewer beauty products than we'd like to, which means the items we do take need to work harder for us. So whether for work or pleasure, travelling generally equates to a departure from your normal beauty routine. To ensure we have no product regrets on the ground, we look to our favourite bloggers for inspiration and tips on how to be a beauty savvy traveller. Aimee Song didn't disappoint. 

It was her advice to leave space in your suitcase to try new products and ingredients locals love that got us thinking about exotic ingredients from foreign destinations and their benefits to our wellbeing, skin texture and glow. So maybe travelling isn't so bad for our beloved beauty routines after all?   

Keep reading to find out the origins and benefits of some of the world's most exotic beauty ingredients.

Argan Oil

Probably the most well-known ingredient on this list, argan oil is native to Morocco. It has been well-documented how incredible argan oil is for our hair—chock-full of vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants, it locks moisture into the hair shaft to prevent drying from harsh airplane air-conditioning. If you're looking for products that can multi-task, lighter formulations of argan oil can also be used as a body oil.


This is another ingredient that should come as no surprise: coconuts are practically a universal symbol for tropical holidays. The cultivation of coconuts can be traced back to two distinct areas—Southeast Asia and the islands south of India. While coconut oil's standing as a health superfood took a hit earlier this year, we're still big fans of using the ingredient for bringing intense hydration and shine to both our skin and hair. 

Kukui Nut Oil

Also known as 'candlenut', the kukui nut originates in Hawaii. If you need proof of its beauty merits, consider this: the radiant actress Lupita Nyong'o incorporates kukui oil into her skincare routine. But the oil is also a well-kept Hawaiian haircare secret, loved by local women for its ability to strengthen the hair shaft. If you want to start incorporating kukui oil into your hair routine, OGX's shampoo ($18) and conditioner ($18) combo is an easy place to start.  

Orchid Oil

The use of flowers in beauty products isn't a new thing (don't make us part with our rosewater face mist), but even we were surprised by the benefits of orchid extract. It turns out orchid oil works as an antioxidant, helping to promote cell turnover in skin and repair damaged hair. If you have coloured hair and are about to embark on a sun-and-sea-soaked holiday, it's one to investigate. Plus, orchid fragrances are just divine.

Tsubaki Blossom

A Japanese beauty favourite, the Tsubaki blossom is a type of camellia that has risen to prominence thanks to the impeccable hair and skin of the women who harvest the oil. As a beauty essence, it has celebrity fans—Zendaya likes a Tsubaki sheet mask for dry skin days—and it has the power to make hair and skin unbelievably soft. Fill a travel-sized container with the OGX Tsubaki Blossom Body Lotion ($18)  and reap the benefits no matter what climate you're heading into. 

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