The 10-Minute Workout You Can Do in Your Pyjamas

Lisa Patulny

Fitting exercise into a busy morning routine can be challenging for even the most committed of fitness fans. But what if there was a magical workout you could complete without ever even leaving your bedroom? According to Into The Gloss, it's possible. Described as "less-is-more fitness", the routine that follows was developed with the help of Nike Master Trainer Traci Copeland so it's pretty legit. Sure, it's not Crossfit, but it does offer an easy way to fit more movement into your day. If you ask us, that's never a bad thing. There are eight moves in total but we've cherry picked four of our favourites. Keep scrolling for the 10-minute exercise routine you can do (mostly!) in bed.

Click over to Into The Gloss for the rest of the workout and tell us, do you ever exercise from bed? Will you now? Sound off below!


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