19 Essential Oils for Acne That Skincare Experts Always Recommend

Maya Allen

It’s hard to accept the bothersome reality of acne. Sometimes, it seems like you’re going to be searching for the perfect acne-fighting product forever. Oftentimes, we go for over-the-counter treatments or clinically proven products to aid our acne woes because we’re convinced they’ll give the fastest and strongest skin results. However, turning to harsh chemicals can make your acne worse and come with not-so-good side effects.

Instead of adding insult to injury, opt for natural sources of medicine instead. One option to consider is essential oils, which contain anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. These organic acne-fighters will not only soothe your acne-prone skin but also reduce the appearance of dark spots.

We chatted with the co-founder of all-natural skincare brand EO Products, Susan Griffin-Black, who also happens to be an essential oil expert, along with Dave Karlak, president of organic skincare line Max Green Alchemy, to figure out their favourite essential oils for acne.

Read on for the best essential oils for acne that could be the answer your skin’s been waiting for.

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