This (Easy) Energising Yoga Sequence Will Help You Get Through This Week

Victoria Hoff

Danielle Acoff

When you're brainstorming ways to combat your weekday morning grogginess, the office Nespresso is probably the more obvious choice than any kind of physical activity. But while caffeine can be a beautiful, beautiful thing, there are actually quicker (and less jittery) ways to boost your energy on the fly—namely, via yoga. (It's not just about relaxing.)

There's an important distinction between grounding yoga poses and those that fire us up, says THE/THIRTY contributor and yoga instructor Danielle Acoff. "Energising poses get your heart pumping," she explains. "They're invigorating and build heat in the body, especially if you hold them for longer periods of time." On the flip side, "grounding poses are calming and involve connecting and rooting to the ground. To be grounded is to be centered, balanced and stable."

On that note, keep reading for an easy yoga sequence that can actually replace that third (fourth?) cup of coffee.

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