9 Times Emma Roberts Was a Bonafide Beauty Guru

Lisa Patulny


Emma Roberts plays some of our favourite characters on screen—TBH we can't decide whether we love Scream Queens' Chanel Oberlin or AHSC's Madison Montgomery best—but it's her own, real-life personality that really has us enraptured.

A quick flick through Roberts' Instagram account reveals a woman who loves to read (right now she's all about Gloria Steinem's My Life on the Road, $24), is a beauty product junkie, and lives for Australian fashion labels. Is she just like us? Kinda. While we can't claim to be related to Julia Roberts, the actress' down-to-earth attitude towards beauty is something we can definitely relate to.

In honour of her birthday we're counting down 9 times Emma Roberts was a bonafide (if accidental) beauty guru. Keep scrolling for her best beauty quotes!


What do you think of Emma's beauty advice? Sound off below!


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