Exclusive: Elsa Hosk Tells Us How to Live Life Like a VS Angel

Lindsey Metrus

Victoria's Secret

There's no typical day for a Victoria's Secret Angel. One day, you might be walking down the runway, adorned with a million-dollar bra, and the next you might be shooting the cover of a swimwear catalogue on the beaches of Aruba. But for the days when the models aren't showing off their enviably toned physiques in front of the camera, we're dying to know what they do in their downtime to stay fit and flawless (as well as their behind-closed-doors habits that bridge the gap between them and us mere mortals).

Yesterday, we met up with Angel Elsa Hosk. Being in the presence of the stunning Swede was the perfect opportunity to dig deep and find out just what it is an Angel does when she's off duty. What we'd discover is that her routine is quite simple, actually—a healthy lifestyle, a few guilty pleasures, and unfortunately for us, just naturally good genes (duh). To learn how to live your life like an Angel, keep scrolling!

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