A Top Model Shares Her Tried-and-True Makeup Routine


Elizabeth Sawatzky

There are many reasons why we’re a bit envious of models. Not only are they stunning, but they get to work with some of the best makeup artists in the biz and are constantly exposed to the latest and greatest in beauty. With those perks, it’s no wonder they constantly serve us beauty inspiration. But how does one discern between all of the products they use? Elizabeth Sawatzky, model-on-the-rise, has found a simple solution for sifting through the beauty clutter.

Sawatzky made a name for herself in 2014 when she was dubbed the new face of Free People at the age of 18. The embodiment of a Free People muse, complete with effortless waves and a fresh face, Sawatzky’s look is completely enviable—and, we’re happy to report, totally attainable. Though she admits that she's been “on the hunt” for her perfect products since middle school, these favourites have stood the test of time and have a permanent home in her makeup bag. Read on to learn about the model's must-have products.

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