Health Resolutions Even Busy Women Can Tick Off Next Year

Nicole Singh

To be honest, as someone who writes about bettering oneself a lot, I’m not very good at keeping my New Year’s resolutions—and, I know I’m not alone in this struggle. But with 2018 almost among us, it’s got me thinking: Just because I haven’t been successful in the past, doesn’t mean I should completely give up in the pursuit of self-care, right? After all, maybe, it’s not the act of making resolutions that is unattainable, just the ones I actually jot down on paper. Owning abs like Kayla Itsines while still eating a bowl of ice-cream regularly is probably not an ideal method for success anyway. 

So, inspired and stubbornly determined to make a few extra health habits stick this time around, below are some of my own personal health goals for 2018 that are achievable, measurable and most importantly practical for a busy schedule.


If you often forget to drink enough water throughout the day, try remedying your dehydration by drinking two glasses before you even leave the house each morning for work. Adding a slice of lemon will also help kick-start your digestion while you’re at it.

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It’s hard to find enough time to exercise throughout the week, so incorporating little bursts of cardio where you can will help improve your fitness levels, but also help keep it at front of mind. 


Whether you live close to the office, or commute a long way, dedicating a small portion of tech-free time to deep breathing and setting your intentions for the week, or even month, can help increase your overall productivity and efficiency.  


It’s all well and good to know what you don’t want the year to be, but by reminding yourself what you do want and having it on your desk, you can more easily align and re-align to that goal in small ways throughout the week.


Caffeine addiction is real, and not great for your body when consumed in copious amounts. While cutting it out completely can feel a little extreme, swapping one a day for a herbal tea can help reduce dehydration and insomnia at night.


Dieting is hard. But whether you’re going paleo or the vegan route this year, an easy exercise you can try to limit your portions is by waiting five minutes before going for seconds and having a glass of water instead. This way, you’re allowing time for your food to actually digest, and likely, won’t end up needing the extra portion.


Australians are often the first to spend on a pricey brunch out, but often when it comes to splurging on the moisturiser or toner we know works well, we hesitate (sometimes going for a more affordable option.) But by ensuring you invest in your skincare, you're more likely to be diligent and disciplined with your regimen and start to see your skincare goals come to fruition. 

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