We Found the Best "Dirty Hair" Hairstyles on Pinterest

Lisa Patulny

As we head full pelt towards the coldest months of the year, we're looking for excuses to skip shampoo for as long as possible. (Note to self: Bulk buy Batiste's Dry Shampoo, $10.) Not only does washing one's hair when it's chilly feel a lot like torture, dirty hair can actually withstand both rain-induced frizz and the drying effects of wind a lot better. At a loss for the best "dirty hair" hairstyles to try beyond a classic ponytail, we turned to Pinterest to source elevated ideas we could put into practice straight away. Ahead, you'll find 11 looks that require minimal effort, and really do look (and hold) better when your strands aren't squeaky clean. You'll notice that most braid, pin, or pull back the front top section of your hair (the bit that gets dirtiest, fastest), giving you a few more days wear. Feel free to take that tip on board and experiment once you've worked your way through the list of gorgeous styles that follows.

Click through the gallery below for the best "dirty hair" hairstyles on Pinterest.


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