3 Easy Summer Braids to Try This Weekend

Kaitlyn McLintock

Let’s be real: We start looking forward to the weekend pretty much right when we wake up on Monday morning. And once the precious weekend finally comes, the last thing you want to worry about once is how to do your hair. Summer weekends are for sleeping in, brunching, and catching up with friends. There’s no room amid those coveted hours of relaxation for wrestling with your mane.

The solution? It’s not extra heat styling; it’s not paying the nearest blow-dry bar $50 to deal with your hair for you. Nope—the weekend begs for easy, beautiful braids. After all, what screams summer louder than a low-maintenance plait?

Think of this as your personal weekend hair guide—we’ve rounded up three easy braids we think you’ll love, one for each day of the weekend. We promise they won’t take you longer than 10 minutes to perfect, so you’ll be off to mimosas in no time.

Keep scrolling for three pretty braids to try this weekend!

What are your favourite weekend hairstyles? Snap us a picture and tag us on Instagram. 

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