The World’s Easiest Skin Saving Trick


The amount of beauty advice that will "change your life" can sometimes be difficult to keep track of, especially when it involves a lot of confusing steps and a pile of products to wade through.

We can assure you this quick tip is as simple as turning on the tap—the key is just to make sure it’s the right one. We’re talking about cold water.

As lovely as a long, steamy shower may be, it turns out that hot water is a bit of an enemy when it comes to our skin.

Switching up a hot shower for a quick cold one gives the skin a better chance of hanging onto the lipids (the fats that keep moisture in) which in turn helps to keep your skin from becoming dehydrated.

Although this doesn’t mean you should write-off a steamy rinse completely, a hot shower can also exacerbate skin conditions like rosacea by dilating the blood vessels, so it’s a good idea to change up the temperature every once in a while.

Actual improvement in skin moisture aside, don’t forget that Australian beauty Miranda Kerr is a big fan of the cold shower. That’s reason enough for us.

To get your circulation on the move before your invigorating rinse, try dry body brushing in long, slow strokes towards the heart. Scroll down for our top picks.

Do you attempt cold showers? If so, tell us your tricks to braving them in the comments below!

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